Sunday, January 12, 2014


This weekend, I took Kloe to celebrate her upcoming birthday.  It's next week, but I wanted to do something special with her so I took her and a friend to get mani/pedi's with gel polish, and then to lunch at Cheesecake Factory.  As we waited for a table, I let her browse the glass cases with all the desserts inside.  I told her she could pick ANY one she wanted and we could order dessert first -  because you get to on your birthday.  She loved that idea. 
It was basically THE PERFECT DAY.  

One thing that I will never forget about that day was this: her little friend, Bean, (who is my BFF's daughter and I consider her as much a niece as I do Kloe) had a moment where she wanted to be left alone. She had been hungry and tired and I think it was wearing on her.  It made Kloe sad and she looked at me, not knowing what to do.  I just told her to give Bean her space until she was ready. After lunch, we were getting up to leave and Bean was across the table from us.  She told her mom to "wait", because she needed to apologize to Kloe. Kloe quickly scooted across the seat and climbed up the other side to where Bean was.  They were face to face.  Bean said she was sorry, and immediately Kloe tenderly put her hands on her cheeks and said, "It's ok." And then wrapped her arms around her.  
I was so impressed with Bean's inclination, and quickness to apologize.  I was also extremely impressed with Kloe's response of forgiveness and nurturing.  I felt my cheeks get hot and eyes start to burn in that precious, unforgettable moment. I never thought I'd look at two adorkable 4 yr olds - and wish to be more like them.  

After the pre-birthday celebration, Chad and I went to see a movie.  Lone Survivor. (We should buy stock in the movie-theaters for how much Chad likes to go watch them on the big screen.) There's something about that three dollar drink and eight dollar tub of popcorn that just makes it an exceptional experience. :)  Watching this movie was hard.  Hard on my soul.  The worst part is, it's real.  I have always had a great respect and love for our soldiers, I always knew it took courage and bravery to do their jobs, but this movie made it real in my heart.  I experienced a simulated, milli-fraction of the emotions they go through. There is nothing more honorable than those amazing men and women.  
My movie review for this: a must see.  People in the theater were sobbing.  

It's been such a good week. I am very blessed. Blessed beyond measure.  

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  1. Aww what a great afternoon we had! I agree with the old lady in you, that was a tender moment and we have good examples right under our noses :) thanks for making great memories!